Alrighty, hooee! Here's some random shit.

I finished One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, and it was quite good. Now I've got to see the movie.

I ordered shit from newegg on Sunday night, and it got here today. A Liteon 40/12/48x burner, and a D-Link 8-port switch. Everything is hooked up 'n' workin'! Whoo! And damn, this burner is speedy. I copied Q3A in 2 minutes and 52 seconds. And now that I've got an 8-port switch, I'll be hosting some LANs.

And today was my sister's birfday. She's 21 now, in like 9 days she's off to college at Western Washington U, getting her English degree.

I'm pretty sure I go in to a oral surgeon guy on the 16th for some pre-op stuff, and then on the 24th, a Tuesday, I get my wisdom teeth out. What fun. I'll probably be outta school the rest of that week... I'm thinking of having a LAN that Friday, or the next, depending on how healed I am (and parental permission, of course).

Hmm... let's see... what else what else what else...

Oh, control of the Craig Mason site has been put elsewhere. This... this makes me happy. Apparently, the work is going to someone more professional. Good deal, since a highschool student (me) isn't really in the best of positions to manage a congressional website, y'know? So, Mr. Mason's friend's girlfriend (I belive, not sure) is taking over. Score, more laziness. I just got off the phone with her, she was asking the FTP addy for the site.

And ... sweet Jesus, it's been a while since I've posted...

Since then, school has started, and it's really not that bad so far. All my teachers are pretty cool (Mr. Thrasher, the Walrus, is the worst, and he's okay... well, Kraus might be bad, too, but he seems to have really cool and really bad moments). I didn't wear my brown suit that day, instead just this last Friday, in honor of a badass show at Atomic. My HP is in working order, perfectly, and is online right now, thanks to having a second network card in this box. Moving on...

In Spanish 2 (Kraus) today, we finally got a seating arrangement, instead of just sitting where we pleased. The people around me are ... not that cool. But, oh well. Kraus wanted us to go around the group and introduce ourselves, say something about us, etc. etc., so we did. I said I was a computer nerd, because I am, for my fact about me. Later on in the free talk thing I was asked why I like computers and the like, and I really don't have an answer. Gaming was brought up by someone else, but I shut them down saying I did other stuff, like run websites, more. One of the girls in the group (the only other sophomore, and the trendiest and most annoying of them) mentioned, excitedly, that she recently got a new computer. I said, calmly, "Yeah, I just built on a few weeks back..." and that shut her down. They all underestimated my nerd-ness. Baha! I'm such a 'tard...

This concludes a really long post. I'll probably think of more to say later, and if I do, I will.


I got my hair cut. It's short again, and that's good.

I'm reading One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest. It's good.

School start's tomorrow. That's bad.

I'm ready for it. That's good.

I want/plan/hope to wear my brown Thrift Rak suit to school tomorrow. I might not get it clean and stuff tonight, though. That's bad if I don't, good if I do.

I still need to get my HP in perfect order. That's bad that I haven't done it.

I had to do my Aunt's HTML class homework. That's bad. She didn't give me everything I needed to do it. That's also bad.

I haven't started doing anything relating to stupidtrash.net yet. That's bad.

I slept 13 hours last night. That's good. But it means I probably won't sleep well tonight. That's bad. Oh well. I have a Starbucks Doubleshot Espresso with Cream in the fridge. That has lot's of caffeine. It's good. I'll drink it when I wake up tomorrow. Mm, caffeine.


Oh fuckin' sonsabitches! Blogger is having an error so I can't edit my template. Damn.
Okay, first try!
Hey, I've been thinking about stupidtrash.net for a while. In my mind, I always picture it as all black, with a splash screen. So when you go to the site, there's a picture of a trash can, namely the Macintosh trash icon (because it looks cool) only blown up, with the text "s t u p i d t r a s h . n e t" under it, in gray. Black background, gray trashcan, gray text. Click the trashcan to enter.

Once you get in, I picture using this exact same layout, only all black. Black backgrounds, medium gray table outlines, light gray text, etc. etc. And wider, so it's like 90% of the screen width instead of 60, or whatever the hell this is.

Anyway. In my eternal boredom, I've decided to play around with this template to get the colors I want for stupidtrash. Whether or not I keep them here, or am please with the outcome, will be seen.